Water & Power

Customers worldwide rely on Rotork for innovative, high quality engineered and dependable solutions for managing the flow of liquids and gases in the water and power industries.

Rotork products control thousands of valves in the water and wastewater industry. Our flow control products are used in potable water treatment including filtration, desalination and distribution. We are involved in level control in dams, reservoirs and irrigation systems.

Rotork helps protect the environment by controlling wastewater plants, improving effluent processing and ensuring clean safe output from sewage treatment plants. We are involved in every part of wastewater operations including production of green energy from aerobic and anaerobic processes to sludge handling.

We specialise in designing and manufacturing actuators and related equipment for every part of the power industry. Our products can withstand the harsh environments and unique challenges such as extreme temperatures, vibration and dust found in the power industry.

Wherever there is coal, natural gas, nuclear, solar, biomass or geothermal power generated globally, you’ll find Rotork flow control products. We help meet the challenges of power generation and have a detailed understanding of the demands and requirements that plant operators face including diverse applications such as onshore and offshore wind farms, nuclear power plants and conventional thermal power stations.

For both the water and power industries, we provide robust, reliable equipment helping to ensure safe and efficient operation.


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